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3D-Printed Clothing Displays Perfect Design, and Customization is Possible

As a pioneer in the movement of 3D printed clothing, Iris van Herpen has been a renowned designer who is adored by some of the most celebrities.

Van Herpen’s unique designs have been awe-inspiring to the fashion industry since.

In 2011, shortly after the brand ‘Continuum Fashion’, which was innovative in its name “Continuum Fashion” tried to make 3D printing mainstream by releasing 3D printed bikinis, which were alternatives to traditional swimsuits.

Other designers followed, like Danit Peleg, who tried to convince everyone that 3D print clothing in your home could be the next trend in fashion.

It was however Julia Daviy’s 3D printed, zero-waste clothing collection, with fully customizable skirts which allowed us to see the full scope of this new technology.

On the 6th of September, Davey launched her own collection of 3D-printed clothing titled “The Liberation Collection” at New York Fashion Week. New York Fashion Week.

The Liberation Collection’ was hailed as the first woman-specific clothing collection made using only 3D printing technology. It was the first collection the first time to be revealed at an Fashion Week in the United States.

Utilizing a patent-pending technology that makes use of completely recyclable materials Julia along with her staff are able to satisfy the most demanding demands of the customer.

The team is in a position to not only create extremely customizable 3D printed clothing that meets the demands of the consumer but also clothing that is zero-waste, which will lead to a healthier and more sustainable environment.

After the customer has made their selection of the pattern and color, style of the waistline, color, and other details, Davey, and her team utilize the data to create a digital image of the item.

After the model is created, it is accepted by the client and sent to 3D printers. The final product can take around 10 days to print.

3D Printing Sustainable Fashion – Less pollution and waste

The innovative 3D created wearables with tech printed on them is a sign of an increasing interest in the possibility of mass-producing clothes with the aid of additive manufacturing.

Garments not only replace old petroleum-based textiles but also provide eco-friendly alternative leathers and textiles as well as contribute to the environment by creating less pollution and waste in the process of manufacturing.



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