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Are you aware of how automation is  altering the restaurant industry?

The question is in everyone’s head What is the world’s appearance after COVID-19? If the huge stop button that forced everyone to the comforts of their own homes over months, and forced businesses to implement major changes nearly in a matter of minutes is released in the near future, what will we get to see, especially being released at a time where technology is so advanced that driverless vehicles are already on the way to becoming a reality?

It’s definitely a difficult period for businesses and individual owners, but the change can be exciting as well.

In the restaurant industry, there can be no doubt about the manner in which it runs and the experience its customers give will never be similar for the next few years. The trend towards automation and the adoption of technology is already growing, driven by the pandemic. Your customers have already been looking to engage with technology more. One great example of this in the retail sector is self-checkout kiosks in grocery stores. 77% of customers in the last year reported that they prefer the robust self-checkout in-store.

Trends and technologies in the restaurant industry which were growing in popularity globally like pay-at-the-table, kiosks in fast-food establishments as well as contactless payment and mobile-based ordering applications are undergoing rapid acceptance. These are the technologies that are set to improve customer experience and increase satisfaction. This is the main reason why restaurant owners should continue to incorporate the latest technology in their restaurants to enhance the experience for customers and to make it the best it could be.

Benefits of automation in the restaurant industry

You only need to look at pizza chains to see that automation is the wave of the future. It started with Domino’s delivering pizzas via autonomous cars in Germany. Later they added delivery drones while Little Caesar received a patent for a robotic arm to help make pizzas. And Zuma, the California-based pizza chain, is using robotics to make pizzas in trucks as they’re on their way to customers’ doors.

Pizza chains aren’t alone in recognizing the benefits of automated processes in the restaurant industry. McDonald’s has been leading in improving the customer experience in the fast-food industry for a long time, introducing kiosks. Now, they’re developing technology that will enhance the experience of their customers.

Many other food and drink companies will also be embracing more automation due to some of the following advantages:

The focus should be on the experience of your customers. The most important purpose of increasing the automation level is to offer your customers outstanding service. If you are able to make it easier and more convenient for customers to order reduce the time needed to get their food and provide them with top-quality service, food, and beverages you will significantly boost the loyalty of your customers.

Find out the way NCR allowed contactless payment through QR codes using Mad Mex’s Restaurant POS System and provides their customers a totally non-contactless payment option.

Improve efficiency and production. The great thing about robots or kiosks, as well as mobile application, are that they do not require to rest for any time in the future. They can create drinks and food orders with much greater speed than humans and are able to complete them without making any mistakes. This means that they can serve more customers, and do it in a way that they are happy.

Reduce labor costs. Even a restaurant that is partially automated can allow you to operate with fewer employees, which can mean huge savings. The cost of labor is the biggest expense in restaurants, with an average of between 30 and 35 percent of sales being paid to your employees. If you could cut the cost by 5-10 percent it would be possible to put it into your restaurant’s operations to grow.



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