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Imagine if you could gift someone you care about better health as a holiday present? It would be incredible! Imagine if you could ease someone’s stress by giving them a gift. That would be appreciated by everyone. You can. You can.

Good quality sleep is essential for both mental and physical well-being. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a good night of sleep can prevent weight gain, lower our risk of serious health problems, improve our mood and help us get along with others. However, not enough people get the rest they need to live their best lives.

Holidays are a great time to show your love by gifting gifts that improve sleep quality and health. Our holiday gift guide has great ideas for everyone, no matter who you are buying gifts for.

Scene-Stealing Gifts

For quality sleep, a comfortable and peaceful environment is crucial. Helping your loved ones fall asleep faster and more soundly will make their lives easier. You might consider:

  • Sound machines. Sounds like gentle rain, waves of relaxation, and even white noise can be used to induce dreams faster and block out other noises that could wake people who aren’t as light asleep.
  • Use blackout drapes or sleep masks to get quality shut-eye. Obstruct all light. Special curtains at home can block light from windows while sleep masks provide darkness for travelers, wherever they may be able to lay their heads.
  • The calming properties of fragrances like lavender and vanilla have been proven. These essential oils can be used in body oils, linen sprays, or diffusers. They make excellent stocking stuffers.

Feel-Good Presents

Comfort is the key to avoiding a sleepless night. Consider gifts like:

  • Sheet sets. Nobody can sleep better with fresh sheets. Be sure to use natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and bamboo. Avoid thread counts exceeding 400. Synthetic materials with higher thread counts trap heat and can cause uncomfortable sweaty sleep.
  • Programmable/smart thermostat. The ideal room temperature for sleep is 65deg. A smart thermostat will automatically adjust to that setting every evening and return to the desired daytime temperature in the morning.


We are all guilty of not replacing our old, worn-out mattresses and pillows enough. These gifts will help you get quality sleep.

  • A supportive, soft pillow is more than just a luxury. A supportive pillow is essential for proper spine alignment and neck alignment. Be sure to research the various types of pillows that you will find, from feathers and foam. Don’t forget the travel-style neck pillows to help your friends on the road.
  • Mattress topper. You can make your bed more comfortable and supportive with a mattress topper.
  • This gift might not fit under the tree. It may not be appropriate for your boss, brother-in-law, or other family members. Consider buying a mattress for your bed partner and yourself this year. To find the perfect gift, check out our mattress buying guide.

Naughty Gifts

Most likely, you know someone who may be a little bit unconventional or make things more difficult. It’s the season forgiving. Everybody deserves to share the joy. !

  • Blue-light screen cover. No one should have a tablet, phone, or TV in their bed. Ever. A product that blocks the blue light from bright screens can be helpful for someone who insists on using them.
  • Snoring stoppers. Sleep partners have a tough time with Snorers. Snoring can also disrupt sleep. You can also look into over-the-counter options like mouthpieces and nasal strips. For a proper diagnosis, it is important to encourage chronic snorers to see a doctor.

It’s impossible to go wrong by showing someone that you care about them. These easy sleep gifts are universally appealing, so they’re great for anyone on your gift list. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday, filled with sugarplums in your dreams.



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