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Do you want to earn more money at your establishment? Try these fresh revenue streams

From Good to Better: Launching brand new initiatives in the restaurant industry

There’s never a bad moment to think about additional income streams that can be used by your business. What do you think if you don’t need to open additional locations to broaden your menu and increase the profits you earn? Sometimes, a fresh approach could be found in your kitchen, without having to search for it.

These three ideas let you be imaginative and give your company an edge while creating new streams of revenue:

Provide delivery options

There is no longer a time when pizza and Chinese food as the only choices to order delivery. Thanks to online ordering businesses such as UberEATS, DoorDash or GrubHub (just to mention some) delivery has become an increasing aspect of the restaurant business.

It’s estimated that 60 percent of customers purchase takeout or delivery regularly, and that is even higher among millennials because it’s convenient. Delivery may not be the best option for every eatery, yet it may increase revenues and visibility in the event that it’s a great match for your business. Here are some points to think about when you decide to incorporate delivery into your restaurant.

Delivery is not equivalent to “easy payment”

While adding the delivery option to your establishment could be a great source of income, however, it’s not as easy as cooking your food and then delivering it to the door. This requires careful planning, menus service, logistics plan, and quality assurance measures — all of which will cost the restaurant extra money. Decide if your pricing level is sufficient to provide a profit margin to justify the additional cost of overhead.

Take note of issues with staffing.

A major and difficult element of food service delivery is staffing. The regulations in your region may require delivery drivers to be employees of your business or work as independent contractors. In any case, it’s crucial to ensure that your drivers are trained since they’ll be representing your brand when someone walks in your door (whether it’s in their vehicle office, home, or car).

Think about the advantages and disadvantages in outsource.

Most restaurants don’t have the required resources to begin an online delivery service and therefore, they depend on delivery services from third parties. However, the charges that these services charge often outweigh the earnings. Deliveries tend to be less than those for in-house transactions because the customers aren’t likely to order desserts, drinks, or other appetizers.

What is the best way to ensure your food be transported?

Certain dishes aren’t able to be able to travel well, and it’s possible that you won’t be able to offer all items for delivery. If an item does not transport well it could be at risk of getting poor reviews and losing customers if the item they ordered arrives damaged, cold, or wet. Be sure to limit your delivery menus to items that will easily and fresh get to the destination together to guarantee high-quality, accurate, and speedier delivery.

Check your technology.

In order to get your delivery service up and running, you’ll require an efficient system for tracking orders and delivering them to the door. Be sure that you have Restaurant POS software that will monitor deliveries and also include information about customers right on your receipt.

Create to plan the logistical aspects.

Customers who are ordering delivery from your restaurant will be capable of ordering online, or will they have to text or call to order? Decide the method you use to take orders that are the most convenient to customers and for your restaurant. Keep in mind that the majority of people prefer to place an order online since it doesn’t involve talking to others and their order will be written down.

If you opt to use an outside delivery service be sure to look for one that offers the highest charges for your business and has a good customer service reputation and gives immediate updates regarding deliveries.



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