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Emotional Eating and How To Stop It

Food isn’t just a way to satisfy our physical cravings. We also seek food for relaxation, comfort, or even to indulge ourselves. If they do so, we often go for unhealthy food, sweets as well as other comforting, but unhealthy food items. You could go for a pint frozen ice cream when struggling, grab pizza when you’re feeling uninspired and lonely or walk through the drive-through after an exhausting day at work.

Emotional eating means eating to feel better, or to fulfill the emotional needs of your stomach. Unfortunately, emotional eating doesn’t fix emotional problems. It usually causes you to feel worse. Afterward, it is not only that the initial emotional issue persists and you feel guilty for eating too much.

Are you an emotional eater?

  • Do you tend to eat more in times of stress?
  • Do you eat food when you’re not hungry, or when you’re hungry?
  • Do you consume food to make you feel better (to ease your mind and calm yourself when you’re feeling sad angry, mad, stressed, bored, etc.)?
  • Do you treat yourself to food?
  • Do you often eat until you’re stuffed?
  • Do you feel secure? Do you feel as if food is a good friend?
  • Are you feeling powerless or overwhelmed by food?

Explore other methods to nourish your emotions

If you’re not sure how to control your mood in a manner that doesn’t require food, you’ll never be able to control food choices for long. Diets often fail because they provide logical nutrition guidance that only works when you are in control of the food you consume. It’s not effective when emotions are the primary factor in the process, insisting on immediate reward with food.

To stop your emotional eating, it is necessary to look for other ways to satisfy your needs emotionally. It’s not enough just to comprehend the triggers of eating out for emotional reasons or to identify your triggers although that’s a significant first step. You must have alternatives to food that can be used to achieve happiness.

Alternatives to eating disorders

If you’re feeling down or feeling lonely, call someone who always helps you feel better and play with your dog as well as your cat. You can also take a look at your favorite picture or treasured souvenir.

If you’re stressed, expend your nervous energy by dancing to your favorite music, squeezing out an energy ball, or walking briskly.

If you’re tired, treat yourself with an iced tea, soak in a tub and light candle scents or wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket.

In case you’re not feeling inspired, read a good book, catch a funny show, take a hike or engage in something you like (woodworking playing guitar or scrapbooking, shooting hoops, etc.)



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