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Four Science-Based Ways to Increase Your Energy Without Caffeine

Do you need an energy boost? We understand! These evidence-based strategies are smarter than mainlining coffee and less jittery.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 84% of Americans feel sleepy at least once per week. This is a surprising result. Not getting enough sleep is one issue, but lifestyle choices, poor eating habits, and high-stress lives can all contribute to feeling tired, according to Robert Kushner M.D., the medical director of The Center for Lifestyle Medicine of Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. These moves can help you get the energy you need if you are feeling drained.

Kiwis are delicious!

Yep, kiwi. You may be able to sleep better if you eat two of these fruits before bedtime. A review published in Advances Nutrition found that this night-time habit resulted in about 35 minutes more of sleepful zzz’s. High levels of serotonin in the fruit may have a sleep-promoting effect. This is a precursor to the hormone melatonin which regulates your sleep-wake cycle. Although more research is required, it’s possible to make this part of your nighttime routine, although Kushner suggests that you leave some time for digestion.

Win with Water

It turns out that drinking enough water is a great way to boost your spink. According to Nutrition Reviews, dehydration was associated with lower mood, fatigue, and alertness. Kushner says that if your body doesn’t have enough water, it will work harder to adjust to the lack, which can lead to lower energy levels. There is no set water intake. You also get fluids from your diet. However, you should aim to drink enough to make your urine almost clear when you go to the toilet.

Get some fresh air

A quick walk outside can be a better option than going to the coffee maker if you feel tired or sluggish. The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a well-respected study that found that people who spent 20 minutes outside felt more vital. This was not just due to the exercise but also because they were simply enjoying the natural world. Kushner says that getting outside and seeing different scenery can be a great way to relax the mind and body. Kushner suggests that you bring the outdoors in if you are unable to go outside. “Many people feel more relaxed when there is sunlight in their living spaces or workspace.”

Iron it Out

Anemia can cause fatigue, as you may already know. However, even a slight low iron level could make it exhausting. A meta-analysis published by the British Journal of Nutrition found. Talk to your doctor if you feel tired all the time but get enough sleep. Your doctor might recommend a supplement if your iron levels are low. You should aim to consume enough minerals in your diet (8 mg per day for men and 18 mg for women). The body is more likely to use animal sources like lean beef. Consuming a combination of plant iron and vitamin C can help increase absorption.



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