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Holidays can cause serious stress due to the many demands they place on you. Shopping. Wrapping. Baking. Decorating. Weather emergencies. You’ll also be hosting holiday guests. This is enough pressure to make anyone feel downright grinchy.

It’s not always a pleasant arrangement for your guests. We have already discussed how the ” first night effect” can make it difficult for guests to get a restful night away from home. Tired guests can become cranky and irritable quickly.

We have a few ways to make your home more welcoming and comfortable for guests this holiday season. These quick tips will make your holiday season a lot easier. Your guests will be grateful that you took the time to make their stay memorable.

Act like you’re a guest.

Spend the night in your guest bedroom. This is a great way to find any problems in the space. It’s possible to overlook the fact that the sheets and pillows are lumpy, that the pillow is a bit too hard, or that the alarm clock makes a low-quality, irritating hum when you sleep in the same environment.

All the essentials.

The bed is an essential part of quality sleep. When decorating your guest room, start with the bed.

  • Comfortable, clean sheets are essential.
  • After you have dried it, layout another blanket and then dry it with a fine mist or linen spray.
  • Make your bed extra special by using multiple pillows with a different firmness.
  • Is the mattress in your guest room still as good as the new one? It may be time for an update if it is older than 7 years.

Also, take a look at the window treatments in your guest bedroom. Blackout drapes make the room darker and more conducive to sound sleep. Insulated curtains reduce drafts that are common during this time of the year.

Add some creature comforts.

You will be bringing baggage with you. You can make jokes about your sister’s life here. If you are able, clear some closet space or take out a drawer from the guest bedroom. If this is not possible, place a garment rack or luggage stand in the room. This small detail can make a huge difference.

In a perfect world, electronics would be kept out of the bedroom to avoid blue light brain stimulation. However, your guests will most likely bring their smartphones and tablets to bed with them. To make it easy to charge your devices, place a power strip on your nightstand. Also, write down your Wi-Fi password and attach a card. You won’t feel like someone is bothering you by asking for it.

Admit it. Sometimes you slip and fall on your way to the bathroom or kitchen at night. Imagine trying to navigate in a dark and unfamiliar house. Your guests will be spared the trouble and danger. You can provide water for your guests when they arrive. Install a nightlight that emits a soft, yellowish, or orange hue to illuminate the path and make it easier to go to the toilet.

One guest bedroom only One guest per room

It may not be possible to have a separate guest room for each person who is staying the night. You’ll need to think creatively to make sure everyone gets some sleep.

  • If you feel generous, you can give your bedroom over to your guest. Then you can take the sofa. You’ve probably fallen asleep while watching Netflix.
  • You can set up a temporary bedroom by using a feather or airbed. It is easy to store when it is not in use. There may be room for an additional innerspring mattress underneath your bed, which you can pull out when the company arrives. You can make all these choices with a mattress topper.
  • If guests will be sleeping on the couch or the floor, you might consider installing a privacy screen that folds up to protect them from the elements. A screen allows guests to sleep in a more private space, as they may not wake up at the same time.

It is the thought that matters.

Remember that there is no perfect holiday. It’s impossible to be a perfect host. Enjoy the time with your family and friends that you have to spend the night with. No matter how much everyone sleeps, your guests are sure to be thankful that you opened your home for them.



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