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How this Sleep Experts can get the best night’s sleep

The moment Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith started experiencing burning out, around 10 years ago thought she needed better rest.

Therefore, the internal medicine doctor began to study more about it and to learn about the technology of sleep and the method by which we can achieve deeper levels of sleep, and much more.

“Honestly, it was depressing because, hey I’m doing all the things everyone recommends I do to feel more energetic however, I just don’t.”

Dalton-Smith, whose home is close to Birmingham, Alabama, started experiencing the same pattern in her patients too which prompted her to investigate further.

“I have had several people who came in with the same sentiment doing all the things people tell me will make me feel more refreshed but I’m still not feeling rested,'” she says.

“That’s the point at which I started contemplating “OK if sleep isn’t solving my fatigue What kind of fatigue do I suffer from? Something else isn’t being recognized.”

This groundbreaking research made Dalton-Smith come up with the seven kinds of rest that she writes of in her book ” Sacred Rest: Recover Your Life, Rebuild Your energy, Renew Your Sanity,” and is possibly what she is most famous for.

According to Dalton-Smith, sleep and rest aren’t identical. In reality, we require seven types of rest to be healthy physically, mentally creative, social spiritual, emotional, and sensory.

The initial list was longer, however, after working in front of hundreds of people “from all backgrounds that you can think of,” Dalton-Smith narrowed it down to seven categories that she observed as to be lacking in the majority of her patients.

Once she’d identified the different types of rest needed by people and wanted, she could focus on strategies to achieve it. There isn’t a single solution for everyone, obviously. Dalton-Smith is aware of this and provides her readers and patients with various options.

For instance, a mindful method like meditation or journaling could be beneficial for a person seeking to get their mind relaxed however a full information detox could be the answer for someone else.

“There’s an element of self-discovery aspect of understanding your requirements for rest,” she says.

The first step for all to do is to determine where the deficiencies are at the beginning.



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