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How to estimate how much water you should drink each and every day

Our water intake is one of the most important topics in weight loss discussions. Doctors and nutritionists have repeatedly stressed the importance of water for weight loss and overall health. Your weight loss goals could be jeopardized if you consume less water than your body needs. There are many drinking tips that you can hear, such as drinking water before meals and drinking water upon waking up. But ultimately, it comes down to how much water your body needs. Did you know there was a way to calculate your water intake? It can help you determine how much water you need, instead of consuming 8 glasses per day. 

How much water you should drink and how much weight.

Your weight will determine how much water you should drink. It makes more sense to put everyone in the same category who should drink the same amount. A person who is 80 kg will require more water than someone who is 60 kg.To calculate your water weight, multiply your weight by 2/3 or 67%. This will give you the water quantity. If you are 60 kilos in weight, you should divide it by 30 to get 2 liters daily.

Activity level
If you exercise a lot, your body will need more water than someone who lives a sedentary life. For every 30 minutes of activity or exercise, you will need to drink approximately 350ml.

Water is also essential for your food!
Your body also gets fluid from the fruits and veggies you eat. Fruits like watermelon and orange have more water, while strawberries, cucumber, spinach, and zucchini are high in water. You can reduce the amount of these vegetables and fruits you are eating by having a smaller portion.



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