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Your bedroom is more than just your sanctuary. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your refuge from the outside world, and your place to rest. It’s also the room you spend the most time in. With everything happening during the COVID-19 epidemic, it’s almost like you spend all of your time indoors. Children are home from school, and everyone is required to work remotely. This means that areas such as the kitchen and bedrooms can be transformed into home offices and classrooms. Stress levels can rise if you spend too much time indoors and are confined to your home. You may also struggle to maintain your sleep sanctuary. Feng shui is one way to get good sleep in stressful situations.

Feng shui teaches us how to make our bedroom more conducive to sleep.

Size Matters

We are looking for the perfect fit between the size of the bedroom and the size of the bed. When we’re asleep, we are most vulnerable. It can be hard to fall asleep if the room is too large. This survival instinct is part of our DNA. We can feel trapped or cramped if the room is small.

There are some things you should keep in mind if you’re thinking of upgrading your mattress.

  • An average-sized adult will not feel comfortable in a twin-size bed. For this reason, most colleges offer XL twin mattresses in dormitories.
  • Most adults will find a queen-size or full-size bed comfortable.
  • A queen-sized mattress is sufficient for most couples. According to Feng Shui, a queen mattress is sufficient for most couples. A king mattress should not have split box springs underneath it. This will prevent any disharmony in your relationship.

The Command Center

Feng shui recommends that the bed be in a “commanding” position in the bedroom. You should be able to see the door from your bed when you’re lying down. This will give you a sense of security and stability. The best place for the bed is against the wall. You don’t want to be right in front of the door. To stabilize the bed’s location in the room, the headboard should be attached to the headboard. The ideal space should be on each side of the bed so that everyone can access it easily and the room feels balanced. It is also important to be able to quickly turn on the lights.

Avoid putting your bed’s head under a window when you are arranging your room. Windows are the entrance to the outside world. Sleep is affected by all energy from the outside, including light, sound, smells, and shadows. It can be hard to fall asleep if you sense something new.


It is vital that energy flows freely in the room and around the bed. Clutter should be kept to an absolute minimum. You should elevate the bed from the floor using a frame or platform. You should not store shoes, books, or boxes under the bed. Do not overcrowd your bedroom with furniture.

Even though it may seem difficult, you should try to keep your bedroom organized and clean. This will help you feel relaxed and prepare you for sleep.


Shop online to find soothing and relaxing colors when it comes time for new decor. The perfect colors for nature are blues, greens, and browns. The feeling you desire to evoke is one that can be viewed as the sky, a field full of trees, or a beautiful meadow. Warm colors are energetic and signify activity, so avoid bright reds, pinks, and oranges. These tones are best avoided if you prefer muted colors like peach, maroon, or lavender.

Wall decor should be happy-making. A lovely floral design will make you feel more relaxed than a painting depicting a shipwreck. Consider what you see as you wake up each morning, and how it makes you feel.

It is best to keep electronics away from the bedroom. However, if you do insist on having a television in the room, place it behind closed doors in a media cabinet. When not in use, you can cover the TV with a blanket or piece of fabric. You won’t have a large black void taking up space in your room.

You should set the lighting on dimmers whenever possible. This will allow you to control the light in your room and give you options about how much you require at any given time.

Comfort Is Key

Feng shui understands the importance of a bedroom as a place where you can relax. Cool temperatures are good. Good window treatments should be installed in the room to block light from outside. Your mattress is what will make you feel good every night. Make sure you get the best mattress possible. Make sure that your mattress is still supportive over time. You should replace your mattress every 7 years. Keep checking to ensure that your mattress is in great shape.

Bedding also plays a vital role. Pure cotton breathes best. The rule of thumb is to make sheets that are as soft as possible by increasing the thread count. Blankets should be soft and comfortable. Don’t over-use pillows. Too many pillows can make a bed feel cluttered and crowded. One great pillow is all you need to sleep comfortably – one that suits your preferences.

Good sleep is essential for a productive day. It’s also a great way to get good energy by implementing some feng-shui strategies in your bedroom.

Sweet dreams!



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