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How to make Friends with apprehension: An easy method to gain viewpoint

I’d like to introduce you one of my dearest friends. The name of her friend is Sophia.

Sophia is the one who is nervous. She’s always second-guessing, and “what-iffing.” Sometimes she can be quite annoying.

To be truthful, she’s not enjoyable to be around. However, she’s still one of my friends. 

 It’s true, Sophia has been the nickname whom I’ve named my fear. Negative Sophia is the exact word.

It might not be unique but it’s highly efficient. Let me explain.

For most people, stress is just an aspect of our lives. More than that, it’s actually a hard-wired survival response, also known as the fight-flight-or-freeze response. If we were, for instance facing the tiger, we’d would like to feel that fear to set in, and we’d want to take a high-tail out of the way.

However anxiety can interfere with the normal flow of a normal day.

In the absence of tigers, this ancient evolutionary response can still get triggered by less-than-tiger-sized events in the modern world. If this happens when this happens, the once-helpful survival response may become a barrier to living life comfortably and enjoying life.

It is for me vitally important to distinguish between positive thoughts and the ones which belong in the garbage bin. This can be the difference between being susceptible to negative thoughts that are harmful and being in control to confront these thoughts.

This is the point at which Sophia is in.

The mechanism of anxiety

When I am in a position where anxious thoughts take over and I have to remind myself that everything is fine. It’s simply Sophia visiting.

Instead of joining in with these thoughts, this bizarre method helps me disengage myself from my anxious thoughts and recognize the pattern that is playing out instead.

Then I am able to discern what it is My active survival response going into.

In addition the fact that I can identify anxiety as a high-strung properly-intentioned worry-wart, gives me the occasion to smile at the absurdity of my over-zealous amygdala which is a region of our brain that is active when emotions that are strong are stimulated.

Instead of getting caught up in negative thinking loops instead, I can look away and enjoy the moment. In the ideal scenario, the interruption could reduce the anxiety completely and leave me laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing.



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