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How to shift from ‘Body Positivity to ‘Body Neutrality. Why you should

A wave of resolutions focusing on self-improvement follows every new year.

Some people decide to stop using social media or swearing. Some people plan to improve their emotional health by creating a daily journal and practicing better communication skills.

However, many resolutions focus on your physical health. Get more sleep and more water. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and exercise.

Many people look in the mirror and feel unhappy with themselves. They decide to make changes so that they can embrace self-love.

Your identity is not limited to what you see in the mirror. Even if you don’t love your body, it is possible to accept and embrace yourself.

Your body doesn’t have to be part of the conversation. This is the foundation of body neutrality.

What are the basics?

All vital organs of your body are there to keep you healthy and functional. Your mind, heart, and spirit are also part of your body. These elements make you who you are.

Body neutrality encourages acceptance of your body. It allows you to appreciate its capabilities and non-physical characteristics, rather than your appearance.

This movement challenges the notion that your body is an object and aims to decentralize it. This movement also allows for a more open discussion about the body.

It’s okay to love your body. People love their bodies, even if they aren’t perfect or beautiful.

Others might be so enraged by their bodies that they spend all their energy on changing them. They may not feel at ease or able to enjoy their daily lives.

There are many unique features of the human body. The way you look at your body can be influenced by your life experiences.

Your appearance could be affected by a skin condition or other health issue. Perhaps you have been injured or suffered a permanent change in your body. Maybe you just wish you had more features.

Any one of these reasons could keep you from loving your body even if you try to make an effort.

While accepting your body and loving yourself are not mutually exclusive concepts, body neutrality provides a solid middle ground between body hatred and body love.

Body neutrality simply means that you don’t always love your body but can still live happy and healthy lives.

From where did this term come?

Multiple sources confirm that people started searching online for “body neutrality” in 2015.

Bloggers like Gabi and Stephanie Yeboah were key to the movement’s beginning stages. Numerous celebrities have also spoken out in support of body neutrality.

Anne Poirier, an intuitive eating and wellness coach, continued the conversation by creating her Body Neutrality workshop. This program is designed to help women find peace with their bodies.


In response to some key concerns, the movement emerged from the margins and became a body positivity movement.

  • The idea of body positivity was dominated by white, non-disabled, attractive people. This drove people of color, larger bodies, and people with disabilities to the margins.
  • Many people began to notice that body positivity still valued physical appearance as an aspect of self-worth.
  • Experts and people who struggle to embrace body love have begun to list possible negative effects of body positivity.


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