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Relying on user-generated content is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get your restaurant noticed and attract new customers. Even if you are a novice restauranteur, it is important to engage your customers and followers in the process of promoting your business. We will explain below what user-generated content looks like, how it can be used, and what it benefits you.

What is user-generated content?

User-generated content, as the name implies, is content created by users on online platforms such as review sites or social media. It can include testimonials, reviews, or images, as well as blog posts featuring a brand. This content is usually accessible to the public. What’s the best part? The best part?


1. You get more engagement and credibility

Social media posts that are based on user-generated content are 2.4x more likely to be trusted by consumers than content created by brands. Furthermore, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends.

It makes perfect sense. It makes sense. Would you believe a company advertising themselves or a customer praising the services a loved brand? You will certainly speak highly about your restaurant. But, when others do it, it adds to the social proof.

2. Heartfelt stories can draw people in

You have probably stopped and thought about how many times you were distracted by social media posts that featured a brand story or photos of delicious meals. We are drawn to what others are experiencing, eating, and doing.

Potential customers will recall a story about a memorable experience they had at your restaurant and will most likely return to you for another visit. We now move on to the next point.

3. You build a community around your restaurant

This kind of word-of-mouth marketing is amazing at creating an engaged community. Positive experiences lead to more positive experiences, particularly in an online world where news travels so fast. You can make people bond through shared positive experiences online.

4. Marketing costs less

This type of marketing is free if you don’t have the budget to invest in UGC. It’s easy to repurpose the content created by people sharing stories, photos, and reviews about your restaurant.


1. Keep an eye on the Instagram Stories of your Customers

You get a chance to share your customers’ Instagram stories with every customer who tags your restaurant. To share the story with all your followers, and random people, simply add it to your story.

Instagram stories are no longer useful after 24 hours. Make sure you add them to your highlights. The highlight can be named “What Customers Say” so that people will know what to expect when they tap on it.

2. Get inspired by Testimonials to spice up your menu

No matter where the glowing review was posted (social media sites, Google, Yelp), it doesn’t matter. You can use the best parts and add them to your own menu, especially if they are praising a dish. You will encourage other customers to try the dish, as they know that others have enjoyed it.

When using customer quotes in marketing, you must first ask their permission. It is important to get their permission before you share their opinions as part of your marketing strategy.

3. Embed UGC to Your Restaurant Website

UGC is more trusted than any marketing strategy you can use to promote your restaurant. You can use this to your advantage on your restaurant web page by including reviews and other social media posts about the business on the homepage.

4. Marketers, don’t forget about good old fashioned paper

Flyers, posters, cards, and cards can also be adorned with the same praise and reviews. Reviewers are the best way to promote your restaurant. It’s not a good idea to fill your paper marketing materials full of reviews. Instead, choose the most relevant one and use key words from it to make sure your materials stand out.

Remember to get permission from your customers before you use their reviews. Also, be clear about what you intend to do with it.

5. Host a contest to get more UGC

Hosting a contest is a great way to generate tons of user-generated content. People can enter to win a free meal at your restaurant, or a basket of goodies.

You can ask each participant to take a picture of themselves eating at your restaurant and use a personal hashtag to win a free meal for 2. You can ask them to tag your restaurant as well. You’ll be able to see many photos of happy customers every time they look at your tagged images.

6. In exchange for content, you can get freebies

People love to get free stuff. If they follow you on Twitter, promise them a free drink, or a complimentary dessert. Tag one friend in the tweet. These free incentives won’t cost you a fortune and will get you a lot more exposure on social media.


Restaurant owners can use user-generated content as one of the most risk-free marketing methods. It is free, simple, and highly effective. To take advantage of all UGC opportunities, you can use social media and review sites.

Guest author bio Laura Andréa Voicu, a content writer at GloriaFood and a marketing specialist, is the guest author. GloriaFood offers a variety of solutions for restauranteurs who want to increase their online visibility, including a Restaurant website builder.



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