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Is It Possible to Be ‘Too Wet’? Is This Really a Turn Off?

So, you can’t get ‘too wet’ during sex?


“A vagina owner being ‘too wet’ during sex isn’t a medical diagnosis,” says Dr. Lyndsey Harper, OB-GYN the co-founder and chief executive officer of Rosy, a sexual health platform.

In contrast, the vaginal wetness is essential for a pleasant, pain-free play, she says.

However, it is possible that the vagina could discharge excess vaginal fluid (i.e., vaginal discharge) in non-sexual situations however we’ll discuss this later.

Does wetness matter?

“It provides the lubrication for body parts — whether that’s penis, vagina, mouth, hand or anus — to rub against each other in a pleasurable way,” Caitlin V. describes.

If there isn’t enough moisture, the rubbing could cause irritation and cause tiny micro tears to those delicate tissues of the vagina which can increase the risk of infection, she says.

This is why Heather Jeffcoat, an acupuncturist doctor who specialises in the field of sexual dysfunction and incontinence and the writer of ” Sex Without Pain: A Self-Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve,” states, “Whether it’s store-bought or body-made, you can never have too much lube on board.”

What factors affect how wet you are?

So! Many! Things!


  • hydration levels
  • presence of alcohol or other drugs within the body
  • Physical activity levels
  • prescription medication
  • the phase in the menstrual cycle
  • whether or whether or the menopausal stage
  • stress levels

“One person’s experience with wetness changes greatly throughout the day, month, and over their life span,” Caitlin V. states.

What causes someone to be deterred by the presence of wetness?

To put it simply: There’s no good reason for anyone to be put off due to vaginal wetness.

If one is at a loss due to some degree of wetness, it’s because they do not understand the way the body works. Also the person is from an inexperienced area.

It’s not an indication of your partner’s own failings. It’s the result of their inadequate sexual education as a child.

What do you do if your friend has a comment about it?

First of all, I’m Sorry to hear that you’re going through this! A relationship that makes you feel guilty about your body is a sour note… massively.

In truth, it’s enough reason to throw them out.




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