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Jumping rope burns serious calories and fires up your heart rate

You don’t have to run for miles or ride a stationary bike to get your heart rate up. A jump rope is all you need to get a great workout.

Jump rope is a great cardio option if your goal is to do low-impact cardio and incorporate it into your existing exercise program, according to personal trainer Kristina earnest, AFAA, NASM. Jump roping is more than recess nostalgia.

Jump rope is efficient in time–jumping rope for 10 minutes per day can have the same effect as running for 30 minutes. Earnest states. If you are wondering how to incorporate jump rope, Earnest suggests that you do a short session to finish strength days and stabilize your ankles. This will also prevent you from getting shin splints.

Earnest says that you can also jump rope after an injury. She explains that the lighter repetitive movements are easier on the knees and make it an excellent alternative to running without the impact of running on the pavement. Did you get that?

Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular exercise option. Because you jump repetitively for long periods of time, more oxygen and blood must be pumped into your muscles. To meet the increased demand, your heart rate and respiratory rate will increase. This can lead to an increase in your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. Earnest says that this can lead to improved athletic performance over time. (Win.)

Now that you know the jumping rope is a solid exercise, let’s get down to the details. Here are the advantages of jumping roping. You can also try other workouts at your next gym session.

  • Women of all ages can benefit from jumping rope. It is a weight-bearing activity that stresses your skeleton, which is crucial for building strong bones. It’s a popular activity for postmenopausal and pubescent women. Exercise can increase bone density during puberty and can also help to prevent osteoporosis in women who are postmenopausal. This is according to BioMed International.
  • It can help you avoid injury. Jump rope is good for bone health and can help you avoid injury. Earnest states that jump rope promotes flexibility and mobility of the ankles by strengthening the muscles supporting those joints. This is especially true when you are moving up and down with every jump. This means that you won’t have to worry about your ankles rolling while running or playing soccer in your adult league.
  • It’s a great cardio workout. Earnest said. It can also help prevent chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Jumping rope can also increase your Vo2 max which is the amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise. This can help with endurance, Earnest says.
  • Jumping rope can help you burn calories and increase your energy. Earnest states that jumping rope can burn between 200 and 300 calories per hour. Jumping rope is thermogenic. It creates heat in the body. Earnest states that your body must burn more fuel to produce this energy. This is why it needs to burn calories.
  • It helps you improve your coordination. You must be aware of your body’s movements when you jump rope. This can help you improve your coordination and rhythm. It is particularly useful for those who are a little clumsy. Earnest states that a higher level of coordination will reduce the risk of injury. This is because you are less likely to slip or fall if you have a mistake.


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