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Leandra Mediates On The Importance of maintaining her personal style

The man who founded Man Repeller is already considering outfitting you for New Year’s Eve 2020. Leandra Medine created an exclusive capsule line exclusively for Mango and translated her unique, personal design into a more accessible and easily-stoppable collection. Medine’s collection includes more than 30 designs and accessories including basic clothes to sophisticated and festive pieces.

“The inspiration was found on the ground,” Medine tells Refinery29 at the launch party of the collaboration in Soho. “The idea I put forward the prompt to Mango came from New Year’s Eve spent at the home of a European ski town with recent graduates of the New England University in the 1960s.”

For Medine, this was the era of rigid, tight jeans and cardigans. “I wanted to combine this with European fashion and glamour. I’m a huge fan of sleep and getting dressed to go home,” she explains. “A New Year’s Eve celebration held at your house is a lavish and luxurious event to dress up for.”

According to Medine she also believes it’s an easy method for new parents to participate in the festivities of the holidays. We asked the fashion-forward maven whether her style has changed as a mother, and she said that if anything, it’s become more prominent.

“Style is an extremely significant way to express me, but it’s not only about clothes — it’s actually an important aspect of expressing my identity in my daily life,” she says. “Losing my sense of style is similar to losing my sense of identity and I believe that as a mother I’ve grown closer to myself and more confident in myself and also at times, relied on fashion and clothes to define my identity. I’m much more confident and have a confident sense of who I am.”

To claim that Medine has translated her love of personal fashion into a business is an understatement. Alongside her site, Medine has worked on projects with Superga, PJK, Atea Oceanía and also created a book of essays about the subject. One Of The New York book launch parties was held at Barneys New York, which announced bankruptcy earlier this year.



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