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Lono Tropical Lounge: Family-friendly Pub

The general perception is that pubs are only for drinking, fun, and frolic. A pub must offer alcohol. There are also pubs that offer a relaxed atmosphere for families. Lono Tropical Lounge is one example. You can enjoy alcoholic beverages here, but the pub also offers food and a family-friendly atmosphere. You can choose from a wide range of cuisines and they will make you feel satisfied. This pub offers cocktails, mocktails, and many other beverages.

A Green Patch

Lono Tropical Lounge’s most important feature is its non-traditional pub atmosphere. It is not where young people gather to dance, sing and drink. It is a pub that is family-friendly. It’s a green oasis in the middle of a bustling city. It will make you feel like you are in a garden or greenhouse the moment you enter. The interiors are decorated with hanging pots and plants. There are both indoor and outdoor seating options. A party area is also available. This area is where you can meet up with friends and family. The bar is open for food and drinks, with live music. The pub offers plenty of space for children to play. You don’t have to take your pet with you.

Lono Tropical Lounge offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. Their menu includes multi-cuisine options, including Indian, Chinese, and Mediterranean cuisines. The food is tasty and won’t break the bank. The prices of food items range from moderately high to very high. You will be able to get alcoholic beverages. You can drink alcohol if you’re over 18. Lono Tropical Lounge can be found in Indira Nagar. This is one of the most populated areas in Bangalore. The pub is open daily from 11 am to midnight. Valet parking is available for four-wheelers. There is also parking for two-wheelers across the street.



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