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OMG! It’s A Crabzilla At the Ministry of Crab

Do you love seafood? What about crabs? Many of us love seafood, but we avoid crabs. Crabs can be messy to eat. Crabs have hard shells that can be broken and are not suitable for sophisticated eating. However, I still love crabs. It takes some effort to get them open but the end result is very enticing. This is why the Ministry of Crab was so appealing to me during my trip to Sri Lanka.

Ministry of Crab is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. This restaurant is owned by two popular Sri Lankan cricketers, Mahela Jayawardene (left) and Kumar Sangakkara (right). This venture was started by them and their celebrity chef, Dharshan Munidasa. They created a menu that is neutral in the palette to appeal to tourists from all over the world. It is a great place to try crabs and other seafood dishes. This restaurant has been a top choice for many years in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. The Ministry of Crab is housed in a Dutch colonial building. The interiors of the restaurant are a mix of contemporary and traditional designs.

What makes the Ministry of Crab Special?

Ministry of Crab stands out among its competitors because of the quality and variety of its seafood products. They have a zero-freezer policy and only use fresh catch that they get directly from the fishermen. Everything was unique and attractive when I visited the restaurant. Everything about the restaurant, from the food and seafood ingredients to the display board that shows the menu, is a reflection of class. You can order crabs of all sizes, from small to large. Wait for the end of the list. It’s called Crabzilla! It should weigh at least 2 kilos. No less than a Crabzilla was what I ordered. Although it was delicious, my pockets were a bit weary.

They also offer other seafood options, such as lobsters, prawns, and oysters. These can be made with butter, garlic, chili, pepper or any combination thereof. They also do a great job presenting the dishes. The crab claws and shells are attractively presented. They provide all the necessary tools to open the shells and extract the meat. Guests are encouraged to get into the crabs with their hands. Enjoy the experience by getting your hands messy and dirty. This worked well for me since I’m not an expert in crab cutlery.

My Experience at the Ministry of Crab Sri Lanka

After, my friend, was with me when I visited the Ministry of Crab. Muditha, a Colombo culinary tour expert, was also there. The aroma of their kitchen was so inviting when I entered it. There were prawns, lobsters, and crabs all over the stoves. Crabzilla was their largest crab. We need to reserve in advance for a Crabzilla as they have limited quantities. Muditha did it. We also ordered OMG Prawns and Crab Liver Pate, and it was all delivered to our home. The buttery flavor of the prawns was a delight to my palate. We tried Crab Liver Pate as a starter. It was served with palm sugar syrup. Each dish was prepared to perfection.

Their policy of “freely using your hands” was a great one. You can enjoy the crabs’ juicy contents by enjoying them whole. They provide utensils for removing the meat if you’re unsure. They also offer bread with their crabs. You can also take a piece of bread and soak it in the crab gravy. Then you can enjoy it without any mess. Their food is expensive, I felt. I paid 44,000 Sri Lankan rupees for a crabzilla, which was very high.

With The Founder

I had the opportunity to speak with Dharshan, their founder. I was able to understand his motivations for opening this restaurant. He said that the best quality crabs from Sri Lanka had been exported to other countries in past. He wanted a portion of them to stay in Sri Lanka to be enjoyed by tourists and Sri Lankans. This is why the price was so high, I thought. The Indians who travel to Sri Lanka love this restaurant. Mumbai recently saw the opening of a Ministry of Crab branch.



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