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Profits and customer loyalty at your restaurant with speedy service

Your phone is on your mind while you wait in a lengthy line to order something fast and healthy to consume. Maybe you’re at an excellent restaurant that serves dine-in to grab an easy lunch. Your meal is over and you’re now required to pay the bill to return to work.

The waiting isn’t new, we’ve all been there.

Like a restaurant’s manager, owner and employee are aware that giving your patron what they require promptly and in a precise way is vital to providing high-quality service and a pleasant dining experience.

According to a report from the social reviews tracker Feed It Back featured in Imbibe 20 percent of the negative feedback about restaurants is because of the slow service. It should be no surprise to anyone working in the industry of restaurants that the report highlights long wait times, as well as unprofessional service, are among the top factors behind negative reviews.

While restaurants continue to adapt to changing conditions in the business and the changing demands of customers, it’s an excellent opportunity to look at the speed with which you’re changing tables. A faster service that doesn’t compromise the quality of your restaurant usually means higher satisfaction with customers and higher profits.

Furthermore, speedy service can keep the flow of customers and queues at a minimum which is crucial for restaurants to be able to function in a safe manner during COVID-19.

This guide provides a number of suggestions to speed up service at your restaurant, no matter if you operate a sit-down establishment or a casual fast-food restaurant chain. Utilizing technology to facilitate ordering for customers is just one of the numerous ways to improve service. This, along with other strategies, can provide a better customer experience and could increase the bottom line of your business.

The problem: What causes the slow service at your restaurant?

Before we dive into the ways to speed the service at your restaurant Let’s look at some of the causes that may be slowing you down. Keep in mind that slow service isn’t good service, and poor service could end up ruining your restaurant. A renowned television host and home chef Alton Brown once proclaimed, “Good service can make a meal better however there is no amount of food which can protect bad service.”

The most significant factor in the speed of service is attributable to your employees. Staff properly trained to provide customers with speed accuracy and consistency. Employees who aren’t properly trained or motivated can thwart the effectiveness of your establishment. Inexperienced employees undermine your customers and damage your reputation.

Carolyn Muise, VP, Global Customer Success at NCR Carolyn Muise, VP, Global Customer Success at NCR, explains that the method to improve customer service at your establishment is to get your staff.

“Companies who are able to effectively motivate and empower their employees to be engaged see as high as 4.5 times greater revenue growth than businesses which have less engaged employees,” she writes. Muise says that companies must adopt five steps to improve employees’ engagement with customers and improve their experience.

Managers and restaurant owners may consider other factors that can cause slow service, like poor layout for restaurants as well as outdated or inefficient technology for POS, inadequate forecasting, and even menus that are confusing.



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