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Afternoon naps. To fall asleep in the backseat of the car. A favorite blanket to help you fall asleep. Children know what they are doing when it comes to sleep. We encourage you to connect with your inner child and to sleep like a child again in honor of Better Sleep Month.

Get Advice from the Experts

You have to view sleep like a child in order to sleep like one. We asked all the questions we wanted to know about sleep. Do we need 8 hours? Do we need to sleep in a darkened room? Do we need to check underneath the bed for any monsters? We found the answers quite amusing.

What is a good night’s sleep? About 380 hours strong>

Children might not be able to manage their time well or know how many hours a day are. They know the importance of getting enough sleep.

  • Have a schedule. You can get cranky if you don’t sleep enough. Adults may benefit from consistent sleep patterns that allow enough sleep hours. This is similar to how children sleep better when they follow their parents’ sleep schedules.
  • The ideal bedtime. Children don’t always know when they are getting tired or wired. But you can. You can observe when you usually feel fatigued and slow down. To avoid getting a second wind, get to bed early.

“The Trick To Making Monsters Go Away is to Hide Under the Covers”

Monsters may not exist, but don’t tell your kids! Children understand the advantages of a peaceful sleep environment.

  • Remove clutter. Children can’t fall asleep if there are monsters under the bed. Adults won’t fall asleep if there’s junk under their beds. To create a calm environment, keep your bedroom sparsely decorated and minimize your accessories.
  • Tech on timeout. “Come on, Mom! “Just a few minutes more!” Your children shouldn’t be allowed to do this. Screen time before bedtime can be reduced to promote sleep. You can start by removing all electronic devices and TVs from your bedroom.
  • Delve into darkness. While some children may be afraid to go into the dark, a dark room can help them fall asleep. You can use room-darkening shades, blinds, or drapes to make the room darken for sleep. But let the sunshine in the rest.

Expert Tip: “Count to one million”

Sometimes falling asleep or staying asleep at night can be difficult. Our “experts” will help you sleep soundly.

  • Use sleep aids. To help them fall asleep, children might need to read a bedtime story. Yoga Nidra, weighted blankets, melatonin, and pink or white sound might be helpful. You can explore different types of sleep Aids to help you get that extra zzz.
  • It’s time for tea. Although chamomile tea may not be a favorite among children, it is a wonderful drink that can help you fall asleep. Apigenin, a flavonoid that creates a calming effect in the brain, makes us feel more sleepy.
  • The music of the night. Are you tossing and turning throughout the night? Click “play” to let classical music be your nighttime lullaby.

“I Love My Bed. It’s Comfy strong

Children clearly understand that a quality mattress is crucial for getting the best sleep possible. It’s also clear to them that comfort is the most important thing for a good night’s sleep.

  • Search for your mattress match. It is important to test a new mattress before you buy the mattress of your dreams. We do not recommend purchasing a mattress without first testing the options.
  • Reevaluate your mattress. Adults can also outgrow their beds, just like children. It’s time for a new mattress if your current mattress has been for at least seven years.
  • To see the funniest sleep perspectives of kids, follow along on the BSC’s Twitter, Insta, and YouTube pages throughout May. Make sure you share and like this great sleep advice and include #SleepLikeAKid in all your posts.
  • For great content on sleep, check out Sleep Savvy.
  • Take The Best Bed Quiz(TM), to help you sleep better at night if you are looking for a mattress.


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