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Soofi Mandi Kozhikode

Mandi, an Arabic rice recipe, is very popular in Kerala. The Malayali population has modified this Arabic dish in Kerala restaurants. It is available in both spicy and plain varieties. The popular restaurant Soofi Mandi, Kozhikode, serves the Arabic dish, Mandi. Soofi Mandi’s menu includes more than Mandi. You can enjoy Arabic dishes like Madhoot or Al Faham as well as Indian bread such Naan. Kunafa is a delicious dessert.

Madhoot is an Arabic dish with a rice base. Mandi is rice cooked with vegetables and spices. The meat is then grilled. Mandi’s most distinctive feature is the fact that it’s cooked in a pit, or “Kuzhi”. Kuzhimandi is also a name for this cooking method. Madhoot, on the other hand, is a combination of rice and meat. Madhoot has a more complex flavor than Mandi. Mandi we find in Soofi Mandi Kozhikode does not come with a spicy flavor. You can get plain or less spicy Mandi with mayonnaise, Salatha (tomato sauce), and salad. The food is delicious. After meals, you can enjoy honey lemon tea.

Three outlets of Soofi Mandi are located in Kerala: Ernakulam, Kozhikode, and Thrissur. The latest outlet is in Kozhikode. They also have branches in other parts of Kerala. The Kozhikode branch has a great atmosphere. Although it is close to Kozhikode’s beach, the restaurant does not offer a direct view of the ocean. The restaurant’s building is a traditional Kerala house that the owners converted into a stylish restaurant. The restaurant’s interiors are bright and spacious, making it a great place to take your family out for a meal. You will find washroom facilities and parking spaces for four-wheelers. You may encounter congestion if you visit during peak lunch hour.



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