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The Best Way to Turn Your Bedroom into the Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary

Your sleep quality is crucial to your health and wellbeing. It helps restore energy, assisting in the storage of memories, and restoring the body.

The place you sleep is important. The environment you sleep in has an enormous influence on the quality of your sleep. The color of your walls, as well as bed accessories and lighting (or the absence of them), can all assist you to sleep better sleep, in addition to other things.

Visit the interactive link below to access some ideas for how to create the perfect sleep space.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to clean your pillow at least a couple of times per year, at the very least. Based on the kind of pillow, various guidelines are in place.

Pillows made of a variety of synthetic materials build up dust more quickly. They’re also more washable they can be washed more frequently.

Other pillows, such as memory foam or gel pillows could require less frequent cleaning or spot cleaning.

Whatever pillows you own, the majority of experts are of the opinion that you’ll have to change them in the near future.

The higher quality pillows may cost higher, but they tend to provide greater protection against dust and will last for longer. It is possible to replace a dust-proof mattress made of latex, buckwheat, or memory foam pillows every 3-4 years.

Although less costly and simpler for cleaning, the synthetic pillow has a tendency to not last as long, which means you might require replacement frequently. It is worth replacing your synthetic pillows, for example, ones made of polyester, at least once every six months or two years.

You might also have to wash or change your pillow frequently If you:

  1. You spill something on it and require spot cleaning
  2. Pets who sleep with shed hair or shed, such as cats or dogs.
  3. Drink or eat before going to the bed


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