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The French Girl-Approved bag This Model NEVER Leaves the House Without

Many a millennial woman’s mantras are “phone, wallet, keys, and lipstick”. However, beyond these four essentials, every woman also has some other necessities that may seem a little odd. Spill It is a survey asking influential women to reveal everything in their bags — embarrassing, informative, and other. Jessica Clements, a Youtube sensation, shares her first designer bag.

Jessica Clements is a YouTube star and model. There’s no routine. She’s picking pocketed at The Met one day and fishing for yen in Japan the next.

Clements has one bag that she can use for every occasion, regardless of where she is located, what her plans are, or who her company might be. It’s her black Chloe Drew shoulder bag. Clements states that she bought it in Paris. It was the first bag I bought from a designer brand. It became my absolute favorite purse.

Clements was on hand to show us what she carries every day. The compact Chanel purse is packed with essentials such as a mirror, anti-shine powder, and a backup battery. It also contains a Kindle and a Kindle. You can see the full video below to see what Clements, a Youtuber, and model, cannot live without. We are obsessed with retro sunglasses, let’s just say.

You’re likely to have seen the most popular trends of the season if you follow fashion girls on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, we love the cool silhouettes of the moment and the endless style inspiration of the IG pros who wear them. We sometimes need a break from the same old fashions and filters. We are so happy when we find a new face that is different from the #OOTDs.

 Jenny, the Lifestyle Blogger, is a great example. Her signature look is built around classic staples and versatile accessories like PANDORA Jewel’s breathtaking gems. can be too extravagant. The New York City transplant says that style is all about personal preference. It’s about feeling the best you. Her sense of style is so refreshing. She not only marches and dresses to her own beat, but she also looks great doing it (as can her almost 150K followers).

Sunita explains how she puts together her simple, yet timeless outfits, what her secret is to adding flair to each look, and why individuality is key to winning style. Talk about sartorial empowerment.



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