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The therapy you didn’t know you needed

Every person I work with has a story. Through The Anchor Programme, we help you to understand your food and weight stories and move forward with clarity, confidence, and better health. The Anchor Programme is a therapy that you didn’t know you needed.

It’s hard to describe the amount of progress you can make in a short time span. I am grateful that this client did it for me. Here’s her story…

I was overweight all my life, and always thought about food. Over the years, I tried many diets and plans, including Weight Watchers, Slimming World, etc. Although I did my best to stick to the plan, I always gained weight, usually with more bonuses. This was always associated with life events, such as my marriage, my husband’s work abroad, and having my first child, and my second child. I also got promoted at work ….. You get the idea. It was always the reason or excuse for why I had put it on again. Then I would try again. 2017 was the year I took full control of my weight loss. I was proud to have lost 60 pounds. I finally felt normal. Or so I thought.

I started running in 2019. I was bitten by the running bug. It was a passion that I grew to love the more I ran. It was addictive and became another obsession. It was amazing in so many ways. It was a great help in the darkest days of my journey through Covid as a mother of four young children and a secondary school teacher. Running saved my life. Running clubs saved me. It was my go-to. It was the one thing that I could always rely upon to not change at any given time.

I had already increased my running by 2021 and, thanks to the amazing and inspiring people I met through the running group, was participating in various strange and wonderful running challenges. It was a great experience. One thing is certain. I gained weight the more I ran. This became a daily routine. Before I ran, I always weighed myself. After a run. In the morning. In the evening. Although I don’t know what I was expecting, it was something I could control. Although it was only a few pounds, it felt like a lot. This had an impact on my running. My weight was the reason for my decreased fitness, speed, ability, and ability to run up hills, downhills, and all other aspects of my running. I had to take control of my weight or I would spiral back to my 60-pounds. I knew that I could not go there. After counting calories so many times, I decided to do it again. When I ran (most days), I would allow myself extra calories. To fuel my run, I would eat extra calories. It didn’t work. It didn’t seem to work. I was stuck but didn’t have a plan. I felt like a failure. I felt ridiculous and pathetic for not being able to solve the problem. At times, I felt less than other people. I’m intelligent and good at problem-solving. Yet, I couldn’t solve the problem that felt most simple. How stupid could I possibly be?

What has changed?

Laura is my friend. Laura was the one I wanted to know more about how to fuel after running. This was what I believed would help me lose weight. That was all I wanted. It would solve my problem. It was so wrong on so many levels. It was very different from what I thought I needed so I signed up for her Anchor Programme.

It’s difficult to explain what has happened and how it has changed. These were the messages that I kept repeating over and over: ‘Be Kind’; ‘Be Curious’; ‘Why?’. I changed my mantra and my habits, and I transformed myself. It was for the better. I came in with the intention of learning more about how to prepare food to ensure that you have enough fuel to get what you need. I left feeling so much better about myself. Laura made it happen like magic. It was even more amazing because I didn’t realize it needed to happen or that it was already happening.

Laura’s work has helped me think about who I am, what I can do, and who I could be. It has given me the freedom to enjoy food and to know that I don’t have to be restricted by it. It is amazing. I no longer fear food.

It also allowed me to achieve these things that I didn’t know I could do.

  • The scales don’t hold. Since I can remember, I have weighed myself every day. I don’t recall the last time that I weighed myself. Would I like to? No. No.
  • It is fine to eat what I want when I want it. It’s more than fine. It’s amazing.
  • To be kind to me. I have the right to be kind to myself and my feelings. I have the right to be the best me.
  • To be curious about all things – My feelings
    My thoughts
    – My actions
  • Never judge me.
  • To treat me as I treat others.
  • To be more compassionate towards other people, and to be more compassionate towards me.
  • Not to think that self-compassionate means being lazy, selfish, weak, or pathetic.
  • To be more positive, calmer, and more practical. These were all things I had accomplished at work but never felt like I could do in my personal life. Never realized that I could, or perhaps even had to.
  • Realizing that I can be kind, compassionate, and helpful to others by being all this helps me. It’s actually the exact opposite of what I expected. I was afraid I would be uncaring, selfish, and unfeeling.


This is a secret way to live that I believe everyone should know, three months later. This is not something I write in a boastful way. I do it in a compassionate and kind way. I want everyone to be able to use it. It’s difficult to express the amount of work Laura did with me. I didn’t realize that I was being weighed down by diets. I thought that I had figured that out years ago. I didn’t believe I had a weight problem. I didn’t have a problem with any of my activities. To improve my running, I felt I needed to learn how to refuel. This was the solution I sought to my running problem.

There are still aspects that I need to work on. We are all in this together, don’t we? However, I feel empowered because I have the tools I need to deal with these issues in a non-judgmental, curious, and kind way. It works. One that sticks. It doesn’t require any effort. It is just there. It is a part of you. You are who you are.

Laura has been a great support and I will always be grateful for her help. You are not perfect, but who is? To be happy and to accept that. Every aspect of my life was transformed, improved, and made better. Laura is the therapy that I need for my whole body, mind, and soul. Laura, I am so grateful for all you did to save my life.



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