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This is Why Kelp Leather is the best vegan Leather Alternative to Animal Skin

In the search for the most alternatives to leather made by vegans, the material called kelp leather was always a top choice.

According to experts that for an alternative to leather to be considered top-quality, it must:

  • made from bio-based sources that are sustainable.
  • produced via carbon-neutral techniques.
  • as tough, beautiful as well as versatile as animal-based leather.

I’ve decided to do an extensive study on kelp leather and Here are the outcomes:

Then, What Is Kelp Leather?

It is soft resilient, versatile, and long-lasting similar to leather that is made from “kelp”.

Kelp is a brown seaweed with a tough, long stalk and a broad frost.

This is the fastest-growing organism in the world and is able to grow daily up to a maximum height of 36 inches.

It is bigger than bamboo, the fastest growing plant in the world, and only grows to 24 inches per day.

Being one of the most bio-renewable organisms on earth Kelp is able to absorb CO2 and slowing down the global warming process and reducing ocean acidification.

Kelp seaweed can also absorb run-off from farms, which can cause the growth of harmful algae as well as the collapse of ecosystems.

Today, there are many vegan products that can be used in place of animal skin.

However, unlike synthetic or polyurethane-based vegan alternatives to leather that pollute the environment kelp leather is a plant-based decomposable and therefore green.

However, unlike bamboo the kelp plant is harvested from the ocean, meaning it doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides, or other harmful chemicals normally required for plants on land.

Kelp grows in a clean manner in the same way nature would have it.

Additionally, kelp is believed to absorb huge amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, ranging from 5x more than any other plant on the planet.

Alternatives to sustainable alternatives like leather made of kombucha tea mushrooms, pineapple leaves, tree bark, cool stone and even laboratory cultures of animal cells.

SeaCell Kelp Leather

SeaCell is a brand name for kelp leather that was developed by Nanonic Inc., an American company that makes plant leathers, Nanonic Inc.

In order to make SeaCell the company blends kelp seaweed and cellulose from other algae (Tence).

The material that results looks similar to leather but is lighter and more elastic.



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