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You might consider a more adjustable option if you are feeling like Goldilocks when shopping for a bed.

Undercover Comfort

Are you thinking of heavy handrails and a rigid frame on wheels? You’re wrong. Modern adjustable beds have become a common choice for patients and the elderly. They can be used by anyone, even those with very specific tastes. You don’t even have to know.

Trend Lift

Adjustable beds are a new trend in America’s quest for deep and restful sleep. According to the International Sleep Products Association, adjustable beds are one of the fastest-growing segments of bedding.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

Both adjustable frames and adjustable mattress options are available. They allow you to adjust settings that are suited for your comfort level, just like the name implies. This is how it works:

Adjustable frames These beds typically have a motorized base that can be moved into different positions by elevating or lowering the head or feet. You can add lighting, speakers, and massagers to your bed. Some models are “smart” and can be equipped with voice commands, sleep monitoring technology, and sleep monitoring tech.

Adjustable mattress: These mattresses can be adjusted to suit your needs. Some houses use interchangeable springs or house inner air chambers. Others have foam layers that are different and may contain a mixture of latex, gel or foam.

You can use a remote control or manual to adjust the bases or frames that are under your mattress. Many king sizes can be “split”, so you and your partner have complete freedom to change your sides.

Flexible Benefits

Before you go to sleep, why not read or have a cup of chamomile tea? You can transform your bed into your favorite recliner with an adjustable frame. Do you want that weightless feeling? It can be extremely relaxing to elevate both your feet and your head for “zero gravity”. Experts believe that adjustable options may be able to help with a variety of health problems, such as snoring or swelling of the feet and legs. Many beds offer lumbar support. A bed that can move up and down is ideal for those with difficulty getting in and out.

Are You Ready to Move?

There are many options available and a variety of prices. Adjustable models can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You need to ensure that you choose the right one before you buy. Ask a member of the customer service team if you aren’t sure. Some mattresses can be paired with a boxspring. Do your research and check your warranty to make sure you are making the right buying decision.

You want a bed that gives your body a lift. An adjustable mattress or bed could be the answer.



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