Friday, June 3, 2022
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Warning from Virus Expert: This is the New Surge

The number of new COVID-19 cases is on the rise. New York Times data shows that new cases have increased by 50% in the past 14 days. These numbers might not reflect the full extent of the latest surge. Dr. Saju Mathew, a public health specialist, joined CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper to discuss what he sees from this latest surge in COVID. These Signs That You Have Already Had COVID are essential to your health.

According to The Times, COVID cases have increased by at least two-thirds in at least nine states in the last 14 days. Missouri has seen cases triple in the past two weeks. Mathew stated, “I’m really worried.” Mathew said, “I have been among many medical analysts who were really upset about lifting the mandates on masks. It’s almost as if the pandemic is not real when you look at how people live in this country. Every day, people are being infected.

Mathew stated that most people test for COVID at their homes, using quick tests that aren’t reported to local authorities. “There’s a lot underestimating of the daily cases.” Mathew said, “We estimate that there are a thousand cases per day. It’s likely five to ten times higher. There is an increase in all states. Hospitalizations are increasing. Yesterday, I visited urgent care and spoke to one of our PAs. In a span of 10 hours, she saw 70 patients. Thirty-five of the patients were positive. The people who weren’t vaccinated were sicker. However, we had plenty of people who were vaccinated or boosted and they also tested positive for COVID.

Experts agree that the pandemic isn’t over. The Biden administration warned recently that 100 million people could be infected this fall and winter. “We’re reviewing a variety of models, both external and internal, and they predict that if this happens, we’ll have a lot more waning immunity, the virus will continue to evolve, and there may be a very large wave of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths this fall and winter,” Dr. Ashish Jha (White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator) said Sunday on ABC News.

“I believe it’s an important warning that everyone in the United States should heed, regardless of whether they’re vaccinated or booster vaccinated. We’ve been to this rodeo before, and we know what we need to do,” Dr. Syra made, an epidemiologist at NYC Health + Hospitals told CNN Monday. We have the resources and tools to protect ourselves as well as those around us. People need to be aware of the increased risk. There are ways to lower your chances of contracting the disease, which can lead to severe consequences.

Keep it simple and you can help end the pandemic.



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