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Taurus is a sign that indicates determination. (Okay, stubborn.) If you are the only child, you will probably be independent. (Okay, selfish.) Do you know how your sleeping habits can affect your personality? The research found that your body language in sleep can often reflect the personality traits you display when you are awake. Let’s look at six different sleep positions and how they may relate to our inner selves.

1. Fetal

This position can indicate introversion, shyness, sensitiveness, and shyness as well as a need to protect oneself. This position is known for being tough on the outside but soft on the inside. This is the most popular position for sleep as per a national survey.

WebMD says that the fetal position allows for your spine to rest in its natural alignment, which is quite safe.

2. Log

If you lie on your back, with your arms at your sides, it could be a sign you are able to “roll” with what life throws at your. According to the UK’s Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, you’re a social butterfly. Log sleepers are known for being friendly, caring, trusting, and popular. However, they can also be very gullible. A Better Sleep Council survey found that log sleepers are more likely than others to believe they are healthy.

It is better to sleep on your side (like the log position), as it allows you to rest more comfortably and reduces the chance of being interrupted.

3. The Yearner

You are more likely to sleep on your back, with your arms extended out in front of your face, as though reaching for something. As if you are always searching for the right answers. Once you have made your mind up, it’s easy to stick with it.

For those with back or hip pain, a position such as this is recommended.

4. The Soldier

We salute those who sleep on their backs with their arms at your sides. Soldier sleepers tend to be quiet and reserved. These people are more likely to be strict with their own standards.

You may have noticed wrinkles when you get up if you sleep on your stomach or side. John Hopkins Medicine says this could lead to wrinkles and breakouts. To avoid any unwanted changes to your skin, it is best to sleep on your back.

5. The Starfish

Are you able to sprawl out on your entire bed and sleep comfortably? Starfish sleepers are selfless and generous people. Starfish sleepers are good listeners and always willing to help a friend in distress.

Starfish sleepers can sleep on their stomachs or backs. To align your natural curve, place a good pillow or rolled-up towel underneath your knees if you have back pain.

6. The Freefall

You will be more confident if you lie on your stomach, with your arms around your pillow, and your head turned towards the side. The Better Sleep Council survey revealed that introverts have a strong aversion to this sleeping position.

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach then use a very soft pillow or no pillow at all. This will ensure that your neck is not at an awkward angle.

You’ve hopefully learned something about yourself, or at least had a great time. No matter which position you choose, good sleep habits and setting your bedroom up for sleep can help you achieve the quality sleep you desire.



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