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Why I Improve: Real Clients Increase fluency What Keeps Them Moving

Does it ever seem like all the exercise messages focus on how much weight you can lose?

Fitness narratives often emphasize unrealistic expectations and weight loss. This can make it hard to find your “why” behind exercising.

What’s the good news? Fitness is about so much more than shedding pounds, getting ripped, or trying to achieve an aesthetically pleasing body.

Fitness is about what you can achieve. The key to measuring success is not by the scale, but by how you feel. Achieving better mental, physical, and emotional health is key.

Choosing to move in a way that brings you joy will make you want to keep going for years to come. We will meet you where you are at on your fitness journey.

To help you find your “why”, we interviewed 12 parents, trainers, and yoga instructors to learn more about their motivations for exercising, how they keep it up, and what motivating sayings they love to share.

How can you make it fit in?

I have a morning routine. We dedicate the first two hours of the day to me. If I love myself well, I will do the same for others. If I don’t feel capable of doing it for myself, how can I expect others to do the same? Lesson: Your oxygen mask first!

What motivates you to keep going?

I am a Chinese dragon according to the Chinese horoscope. I am awestruck by the legend of the dragon spirit who spewed fire into heaven so that rain could fall on the dry lands. This is what I live, and it is something that I love. I want people to feel the joy found in movement and games.

Which motivational thought or phrase can you share with others

Happiness isn’t something you can buy or get. It is within you. You can let your inner child out if you move and have fun every day. That little happy bugger is always with you.

Why exercise?

Yoga allows me to let go of daily stress and problems and reverse my stress response. Yoga is a way to help my mind stop being so habitual. Yoga is a way to keep my body flexible as I age. Yoga is a way for me to be in touch with my body and get to know myself better.

What is it that inspires you?

It is because I physically and emotionally feel like crap when it doesn’t. This motivates me to keep going.

What motivating thought or phrase would you like to share with others

Be confident in your abilities

Exercise can beat you up.

When you compare your performance with others, your joy of moving your body ceases.

While I don’t think it is a bad thing to do more poses, lift more weight or run faster, it can be fun. I say that it is important to treat the process with kindness and compassion and not expect a rainbow at its end.

Because there might not be a rainbow next time, and you go back to “I sucking.” I’m just too bad.”




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