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Why willpower and self-discipline won’t help you lose weight

Contrary to popular belief more willpower, and more self-control are not the keys to weight loss.

They actually contribute to the diet-binge cycle, which many of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

Here’s the deal.

We are bound to fail if we judge a certain way or diet.

If you believe low carb is good, you may also believe it’s good.

When you don’t eat low-carb, it’s not good (aka bad). This judgment usually comes with shame, guilt and an internal beating up session that could look something like this.

What is wrong with me? What’s the point? What’s the point? I won’t lose this weight etc!

It’s here that it is most likely to overeat (oh! The irony!

The stricter the rules, and the more attached we are to our diets, the more likely it is that we will fall off the wagon.

After we crash and burn, the dieter’s first thought is that this was a matter of willpower.

“All I need to lose weight is more willpower and self-control,” we think.

What if we really needed a little more freedom and curiosity? Instead of following the rules, what if we ate in a way which brought us joy and made our bodies feel good?

As someone who spent many years trying to understand and unlearn diet mentality, I know that the more you try to control the situation and the harder you grip the more quickly and harder it is to crash and burn.

This video will teach you:

  • Self-control and willpower are actually key factors in weight gain.
  • How our thinking can lead to us overeating
  • Instead of more control and willpower, we need more willpower.
  • Your thoughts are the key to your success
  • How to redirect your energy so you can align your goals

It’s your turn! You’ve probably experienced how self-control and willpower can undermine your efforts to lose weight and stay healthy.

Comment below to share your thoughts, questions, and/or aha! moments.



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